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NRI Paperwork Solutions offers a full range of services for searching, retrieving, analysing, and reviewing all types of legal documents and public data pertaining to any sort of real estate asset, including agricultural, residential, and commercial properties.

NRIs or members of the Indian diaspora typically encounter a nightmare scenario and numerous obstacles while trying to determine the latest ownership of a certain property in India. They encounter numerous legal difficulties with “Title Search” because they lack full control or knowledge of their properties in India. This situation is made worse by the fact that the majority of these records lack an accessible online retrieval system and are instead buried in complex manual record-keeping procedures.

To establish and validate a property’s legitimate ownership, our “Title Search” services conduct an extensive and in-depth search of public records. It is essential for NRIs to have complete knowledge and control over the details of their properties located in India, as well as the most recent certified records of such properties that unmistakably demonstrate the most recent ownership pattern of the said property, regardless of whether the property was purchased or inherited. This is done to make sure that their properties are safe and that the ownership of these properties is clear-cut. The physical condition of the property, the status of the person in possession, and the capacity in which the property is being inhabited must all be known in addition to having current title documents in their possession. Additionally, a crucial piece of information that NRIs seek is the property’s commercial value.

To confirm and validate the ownership status of that specific property, we get certified copies of the most recent title documents from the relevant authorities and send them to our clients. Our team of experts assists with the physical verification of the property by going to the location and determining the on-site status of the present occupant and their method of possession.

Based on the results of the “Title Search,” we give our clients a detailed report that includes pictures of the property.

Some records are available online in a few places across India, however, they are typically incomplete and not updated, preventing the client from getting a thorough overview. In order to have a thorough picture of the history of ownership of the property, we acquire paperwork that includes both recent and historical records.

Our firm also translates papers, the majority of which are written in regional tongues, to ensure clarity. The client is informed of any unauthorised transfer, invalid sale, or exchange that has taken place, and is provided legal guidance on how to act quickly to contest it and reclaim his or her ownership of the property.

Our clients receive this complete information set in the form of a thorough and in-depth report, along with the most recent certified copies of the documents.


What assistance is given to those who are unable to grasp vernacular languages when the property documents are in those languages?

To ensure that our clients can understand the property paperwork, vernacular language versions are translated into English.

Will the report include the property photos because we will be unable to view the property in person?

We include images of the property in the title search report to provide comprehensive information on the property as our local staff physically visits the property to establish its correct actual on-ground status.

Can a title search be started for a property that was inherited?

Yes, an NRI can perform a title search on any type of property, whether it was acquired through inheritance or self-procurement.

Is it possible to run a title search on a residential property?

Agricultural, residential, and commercial real estate holdings can all have title searches done on them.


Does the report provide details on the property's ownership history?

Yes, the title search report includes significant information about both the property’s current ownership status and its prior owners.

I signed a power of attorney (PoA) document in a relative's name, and I believe he used it improperly to change the ownership of my property. How can I check it without his knowing?

Due to the thoroughness of the title search, it provides accurate information about the property’s history and present ownership status as well as mutation/transaction entries. In the event that there is a transfer that is illegal, we offer legal advice in this regard so that the party in question can act quickly to contest the transfer. By taking legal action, this aids NRIs in regaining their ownership rights in the property.

How can I get all the information if I want to buy a home in India? Can I find it through a title search to assist me in determining whether the acquisition will be favourable?

The title search report offers details about any mortgages, loans, or ongoing legal actions involving the property in addition to the current ownership status and market value of the property. This can aid in understanding the asset’s current actual worth.

Does the Title Search Report include a property valuation?

Yes, the commercial value of the property determined by a professional evaluator is also included in the title search report.


Does the title search report contain the property's area?

Yes, in addition to the full description and address of the property, the title search report also includes information about the property’s total size and area.

NRI Paperwork Solutions conducts its Title Search service based on public records. The most recent certified documents for the subject property are analyzed as part of a thorough investigation to establish legal ownership.

Since lack of physical presence in the nation can be a factor in not having complete knowledge of the properties located in India, a title search ensures that there is no doubt regarding ownership of the property.

Is it necessary for me to make a trip to India to start the title search process?

To start the title search procedure, NRIs are not required to fly to India. Even when they are not present, NRIs can perform a title search. To make the process simple and convenient for them, a thorough and in-depth report is also given to them at their location.

Will the property be physically checked to determine its current condition?

The team of specialists at NRI Paperwork Solutions visits the property to determine its on-ground condition.

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