Claims against property developers in Consumer Courts or RERA Tribunals

Many NRIs and persons of Indian descent want to keep connections to India and establish a base there so they may stay in touch with their heritage. Making investments in residential or commercial real estate is one of the most common ways that Indians living abroad do this. The real estate market in India has seen asset prices rise significantly due to liberalisation and the emergence of India as a major global economy. As a result, some of the most valuable real estate in the world are now located in India.

Numerous residential and commercial projects have sprouted up all around the country as a result of the prolonged real estate boom market. When offering these new ventures as investment opportunities, the developers of such projects focus heavily on NRIs. The drawback of this boom is that it has given rise to a large number of dishonest and fraudulent developers that prey on trusting NRIs since they lack knowledge of the Indian real estate market. NRIs wind up making large investments with such shady developers, which results in the theft of their hard-earned money and leaves them with the possibility that they won’t be able to realise their dream of owning a real estate asset in exchange for the investment made.

When investing in residential or commercial real estate in India, NRIs frequently run into the following problems:

The developer’s inability to finish the project

– Delay in transferring ownership to the buyer within the allotted timeframes

– Defects in the construction’s quality

– Non-compliance with the terms of the contract signed with the developer failure to follow current regulations for building or design

– No updates on the development or progress have been given by the developer, builder, or company (In case of ongoing projects)

– Without the buyer’s knowledge, the layout plan or a building or structure may be changed.

Failure to issue a completion or occupational certificate

Request for additional or secret fees

NRI Paperwork Solutions provides a wide range of services for the resolution of any legal issue connected to the Real Estate Developer/Builder Claims in order to assist our NRI clients in resolving these problems. Our services’ goals are to make sure that our clients receive:

– 100% refund of the amount the buyer paid, plus interest

– Compensation

– Other expenses

In order to guarantee that our customers receive the best representation possible, we have the capacity and resources to address such problems and conflicts in all consumer forums, specifically:

– District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

– State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

– National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

– Real Estate and Regulatory Authority – Appellate & Tribunal

To deal with fraudulent and ineffective real estate developers, and to fight or claim the investment made, together with penal interest and other fees, we offer highly strong and effective representation. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff of attorneys has an in-depth and complete understanding of the subtleties, processes, and laws related to such conflicts. We are in a very strong position to be able to produce the results that our customers want thanks to a combination of these factors.

The first stage in evaluating the matter and developing a legal plan for its resolution in the most effective, timely, and efficient manner is for our legal team to thoroughly evaluate the facts and documentation. We are also considerate of our clients’ time and money, and we have frequently been able to reach an amicable agreement on their behalf through out-of-court settlements, while always ensuring that their interests are completely safeguarded. With a 100% win rate in all of these cases brought against real estate developers in the proper consumer forums, we are proud of our spotless record.


What documents are required where the property has been purchased by taking a loan from a bank/financial institution?

Any applicable Tripartite Agreement between the buyer, the bank or other financial institution, and the builder. Correspondence between the buyer and the bank or other financial entity that provided financing for the property’s purchase. Correspondence between the builder and any banks or other financial institutions that the buyer may have. Statements of Finance for the payments made to the builder from the relevant Banks/Financial Institutions. Account statement provided by the builder detailing payments made to him by the purchaser or the bank/financial institution on the purchaser’s behalf.

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