About Us

We have a skilled and knowledgeable team of experts who offer free consultations to clients from all around the world. Our legal team thoroughly examines the facts and supporting documentation before taking on any case in order to fully comprehend the situation and develop a plan for solving it. Based on that, the client receives legal assistance via video conferences, emails, phone conversations, and in-person interactions at our regional offices.

We take only the best cases, avoiding those that have been misrepresented or are over their expiration date. We must evaluate each instance based on the following key considerations:

Due to the fact that it reveals all pertinent information regarding the client's rights in the case at hand, the assessment process turns out to be quite advantageous for both the client and ourselves.


NRI Paperwork Solutions has partnered with LexCollar, a leading law firm in India. LexCollar is headquartered in Chandigarh with top lawyers working for the law firm. Our painstaking selection of these lawyers has given us a reputation for excellence. The best legal minds from India make up this talent pool, which spans all significant jurisdictions in the nation. Our clients are given a fail-safe circle of security within India by this extensive and ubiquitous network that has been assiduously developed over the previous two decades.


The inability to travel to India to handle legal concerns is the major issue faced by Indians living abroad. Because their friends or family are addressing these problems on their behalf while they are away, their cases are ignored as a result of a lack of time on their side.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we offer all of our clients a wide range of services and solutions to monitor their problems, oversee their cases, and represent them both in and out of court. The purpose is to assist them in safeguarding their Indian assets without making them endure the trouble of travelling there. To guarantee that services are directed at NRIs, we do not accept domestic cases. Our commitment to serving the needs of Indians living abroad is unmatched.


We have established a global network so that our clients can simply access our services. Clients who are not computer literate can now visit one of our offices throughout the globe to receive free legal assistance and updates on their cases.


Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide Indians who are based abroad with proactive, responsive, and hassle-free legal services. In recognition of their incapacity to routinely go to India to pursue and oversee their legal affairs, we are set up to efficiently serve clients from a distance. Our cutting-edge system allows us to be in constant contact and communication with our clients and keep them informed about their legal concerns in India.


We respect client privacy and are fully aware of how crucial it is to secure data and documents. We hold all personally identifiable information associated with the specific account in the strictest confidence. We have a policy in place for protecting data and documents. The secure custody and security of the documents we have in our hands are of the utmost importance under this policy.


We are pleased to declare that we are open about our expenses. Our charge schedule is always predetermined and disclosed in advance. No client has any questions about the cost schedule associated with their problems.

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