Landlord-tenant disputes and eviction suit

The narrative of landlord-tenant disputes affects NRIs and their real estate investments far more acutely than it does indigenous Indian nationals. Such conflicts with tenants are made worse in NRI homes because people take unfair advantage of the fact that the owners are not physically there. The majority of NRIs are forced to rent out their homes in order to secure their property from trespassers and unauthorised occupants. Additionally, this guarantees the management and upkeep of assets that would otherwise be in a state of neglect and decay. The landlord-tenant relationship is delicate, though, and should be handled with care.

Since NRIs must arrange for such an eviction to be carried out in their absence, it is even more difficult for them to remove a difficult tenant.

NRI owners of properties involved in a dispute are unable to benefit from their value or exercise their legal rental rights. The obligation of the legal advisor multiplies in this situation because tenants often disregard eviction notices. Even though all Indian States have rules governing tenancy and rent, disputes still occur, especially when NRIs are involved who are unable to manage their properties themselves. While there are unique provisions in some circumstances to further protect the assets of NRIs and rent rules in India generally protect the landlord’s interests considerably more than they did in the past, it is the fiduciary duty of your lawyer or law firm to use these provisions wisely and efficiently.

For the benefit of our clients, NRI Paperwork Solutions have a specialised service and consultation that only handles landlord-tenant disputes. We offer our clients comprehensive coverage with expertise and openness in legal representation for all such instances as part of our landlord-tenant conflict consulting. Even if a foreign national is unable to be there physically, our team of committed lawyers can handle the situation from India. We handle the entire process from beginning to end, starting with the investigation and data gathering required in the case all the way through to the actual execution, which includes filing, advocating for, and managing the litigation to get the property vacated. Our team of knowledgeable property dispute attorneys resolves these cases and reinstates our client’s rights without requiring repeated trips to India.

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