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NRI Paperwork Solutions offers its clients a full range of litigation services for civil issues in India through our affiliate law firm, LexCollar. We provide comprehensive legal services for litigation involving the movable and immovable property of Non-Resident Indians in India. Our single-minded approach to any legal problem is to give our customers a swift and effective settlement while upholding their interests and staying within the bounds of Indian law. We recognise the importance of our client’s time and money.

Through our Indian affiliate law firm, LexCollar, we provide full-fledged legal representation in courts for all forms of civil disputes as an efficient remedy for all of our clients. With its head office in Chandigarh LexCollar is a preeminent law firm in India. The lawyers of LexCollar collaborate with a highly skilled team of attorneys at its head office. Without the need for our NRI clients to routinely travel to India, this network of top legal minds provides legal counsel to our clients in all major Indian jurisdictions. Legal teams are constantly assisted by a highly skilled staff of document specialists to efficiently acquire information and conduct fact-finding on behalf of the clients in all legal cases.

No matter how complicated the case may be or how difficult the litigation may be, we have the necessary strength, size, and capability to handle any sort of civil litigation. In court proceedings, we take a professional and forceful attitude. This also serves as a pressure tactic to convince the opponent that our client, who is located thousands of miles away, is fully and ethically represented by us and that their absence should not be seen as a sign of weakness.

Our civil litigation services can be broadly divided into two categories:

– Ongoing Litigation.

– New Litigation.

Ongoing Litigation: These are cases that are currently under judicial review since they have already been filed in a court of law. In such a situation, it is essential to collect the relevant case file and study all of the relevant data to have:

– Complete understanding of the issue.

– The case’s current state.

– Comprehensive SWOT analysis of the situation.

– Finalisation of the approach to take in order to achieve the desired results desired outcome of the lawsuit

New Litigation: In these cases, a new case must be filed in the appropriate Indian court of law.

Our team of skilled attorneys conducts a careful analysis of the relevant facts and documents before filing a new lawsuit in court. The client is given a full overview to the suggested legal strategy and kind of lawsuit necessary based on this in-depth review.

Our review provides the customer with specific information on the following:

– Whether the client’s legal claims about his property would hold up in court.

– The kind of legal action that is most likely to result in the client’s desired results.

A distinguishing feature of our litigation services in India for new matters is that we only accept any new litigation if we determine (based on the review conducted) that there is a strong case that can be made out and that we are capable of achieving the outcomes through litigation that the client desires. We also thoroughly explain all parts of the suggested litigation to the customers, including any dangers involved, so that the client is fully informed about their case before formally retaining our services.

The different categories of litigation services available are:

Litigation involving immovable property:

– Declaring any document, such as an illegal sale deed or other, null and void requires filing a declaration lawsuit.

– Filing a possession lawsuit to contest the opponents’ illegitimate occupancy.

– Suit for partition and separate possession.

– Rent and eviction petitions.

– A lawsuit seeking a permanent injunction to prevent the property from being sold or transferred in any way.

– Filing a lawsuit for a mandatory injunction to ask the court to order the opposing party (the caretaker, licensee, etc.) to leave the property

– Request for the issuance of administrative letters.

– Where the builder has failed to hand over possession of the home within the time frame specified by the sale agreement, suits or complaints have been filed under the Consumer Protection Act.

– A lawsuit for adverse possession.

Litigation pertaining to movable assets:

– Suit for Rendition of Accounts.

– Suit for Recovery of Money.

– Suit for Grant of Succession Certificate.

– Suit against bouncing of cheques.


Do I have a right to my step–father’s property after his death?

You have no claim to your stepfather’s property because his mother and children, who are class 1 legal heirs, will be entitled to his estate.

How can one claim his/her right over movable properties such as bank accounts, shares and fixed deposits?

One can always go to the court to file a petition for the succession certificate, which will essentially grant the bearer of the said document access to the properties.

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